January 2009

Preparing for SIN

Resolutions for Singapore visit

Traveling to Singapore

Singapore room

First day in Singapore

Second to Fifth day in Singapore

Questions Answered 1

Singapore daily life

More of Singapore daily life

Pictures finally online!

Happy Lunar New Year!

Getting in touch with my feminine side

Questions Answered 2

February 2009

Going Native

English lessons

English lessons 2

Tourist thing: Chinese Gardens

Holy Mao, it's a lizard!

Videos finally online

More Stories from Singapore

March 2009

Living criminally

April 2009

Still alive

Deadline over, tourist time

May 2009


Touristing is Bad for your Health

Botanical Gardens, Zoological Gardens, and KITTIES

The End is Near!

Sin Airport is Fantastic!

Arrived home

June 2009

Recovered from trip

July 2009

Almost half gone

Glasgow, United Kingdom

August 2009

I'm an idiot: forgotten GPG passphrase

This is awesome!

Looking back at Singapore

September 2009

Great Graham Giveaway

Arrived at GLA

Topless party with fizzy drinks!

A towel! A towel! My kingdom for a towel!

Fancy eating: Graham re-learns how to use a fork

Glaswegians are a bunch of wimps (?)

Officially a student

I fail at shopping

October 2009


Glasgow Pictures

Misadventures in the land of far-away voices.

SFU alumni lies (new contact info)

I'm hot!

They're so cute!

November 2009

We have heat again!

Am I hot or not? ... not.

Happiness is...

December 2009

The grass is greener

A tale of Ice and Fire

Managing my LilyPond addiction

Thirty hours later

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