Sorry, not (completely up) yet

I’m not trying to tease anybody with a "download" link that has nothing – I included this section because I thought I should be up-front about the lack of anything to download yet. I didn’t want people to be hunting around on my website trying to find a page that wasn’t there.

The Vivi source code will be available in due course, but at the moment I’m cleaning up bit ands pieces. There are some embarrasing shortcuts and undocumented junk, but I want to fix them before other people see them. To give you an idea of how bad it is:

gperciva@futoi:~/src/lab/vivi$ git grep "TODO" | wc -l
gperciva@futoi:~/src/lab/vivi$ git grep "FIXME" | wc -l
gperciva@futoi:~/src/lab/vivi$ git grep "oh god ick" | wc -l

Estimated time of release

Artifastring, including both sound and video:

Eventual Vivi location:

WORKING ON: patch for lilypond, cleaning up iffy bits of video production in artifastring, and patches to marsyas.

ESTIMATED FULL VIVI: 17 march 2011? I’m certainly hoping to be finished the above points before 11 march, and once I don’t need to reach consensus with other projects, it shouldn’t take long.

Source only

Even once I release the source code, it won’t be useful to most people – you will need a full development environment, an SVN version of Marsyas, various other libraries, etc.

At the present time, I am not planning any binary (executable) versions of Vivi.