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The second paper about Vivi was published in the ACM Multimedia 2013 conference.

Physical Modelling and Supervised Training of a Virtual String Quartet

conference paper

Many of these examples may be found elsewhere on this site, but I present them here in the same order in which they are mentioned in the paper.

Figure 1 and 13

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, W. A. Mozart:

Beginning of score

Performance by string quartet 1

Performance by string quartet 2

Figure 3: non-deterministic elements

The physical modeling includes random numbers in the calculation of bow friction. This means that the same physical parameters (as input) can produce very different output.

D string 1 (normal-ish sound)

D string 2 (wispy sound)

D string 3 (wispy sound)

Table 4: Sound classification

Vivi asks you to classify short (approximately 0.5 seconds) bits of audio. These are created without any attacks, and are intended to test her "steady" sounds.

The sounds are classified as follows:

1. Much more force


almost silent!

2. More force


3. Ok sound


"ok" in comparison to the other sounds

4. Less force


5. Much less force


not a violin?