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MEWER: Recommended Version

Recommended version

Requires Flash 9 or higher, and Javascript enabled. Supports microphone and keyboard input. This uses animated gifs to display the metronome; if you have problems viewing the metronome, try this Browser test.

If you don't have one, or don't want to enable microphone permission, you can tap the keyboard instead of clapping. It's more fun when you make noise, though.
Gathering silence:
Don't try to be quiet here -- make whatever noises you make normally. Make your chair squeak, talk to your family, leave the dishwasher turned on, etc. Claps are generally much louder than normal household noise.
If the "silence level" is above 10 and MEWER has difficulty detecting your claps, try lowering the microphone volume.

MEWER: Experimental Version (Flash 10)

Flash metronome
This version has an audible metronome, which makes rhythms much easier to perform. However, the metronome timing is performed in flash, which occasionally produces an unreliable tempo.
If you try this version, I cannot vouch for the stability of the tempo. Wait 1 or 2 bars before beginning the exercise (this gives the metronome a chance to settle), and try not to run other programs at the same time.

MEWER: Alternate Javascript Version

MEWER Javascript Version
Does not support microphone. This version does not work in Internet Explorer. I recommend using the Flash version, but if you cannot / will not install Flash, then you can run the game in Firefox or Safari.

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