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Programming at Home

If you work seriously for the scheduled lab times and ask questions when appropriate, you should have no difficulty finishing the labs. However, if you fall behind due to browsing facebook, leaving early, and not asking questions when you feel lost, then you might want to do additional work at home to catch up.

If you have problems with the instructions below, then we'll try to help as best we can, but it's difficult to help with computer problems without the computer. If you have a laptop and bring it in, then we can probably help, but if you have a desktop and run into problems, we might not be able to do much.

Python 2.6 or 2.7

Use python 2.6 or 2.7; do not use python 3.0 or higher.


If you're running Ubuntu or Debian, enter:

sudo apt-get install \
  python-scipy python-matplotlib \

MacOS X and Windows

Other software

Geany text editor.

windows download
osx package manager

Useful sound editor:

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