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Audio Programming Lab 8


Exercise 20. A Grand Challenge

Your task...

The Final Challenge for this series of programming exercises is to create a program which can perform a useful function of Music Technology (which means the application of technology to music). You are now well versed in the basic principles of writing well-structured classes and programmes for handling audio data. The final exercise is larger-scale than the previous ones, meaning you will have to think about what you need to accomplish, and specify a collection of classes and methods which interact with the data to produce a desired result.

You will be given a lecture of supporting material, but you will also have to do your own research to some extent. You should write up the outcomes of your project in less than 10 A4 pages including the bibliography and providing the source code as an appendix. LaTeχ has been installed on the computers in the lab so that you can format your work, code, musical extracts etc. beautifully.

The choice of problems is as follows:

... Write up and hand in your work. It's worth 3 normal exercises.

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