Vivi, the virtual violinist

Example of LilyPond input

Vivi is a computer program which performs music at approximately the level of a student with one year of practice.

Making music

Motivation: why bother with a computer program?

Usage: performing audio and video with Vivi.

Features: what can Vivi play?

Download: get Vivi source code.

Musical examples

Suzuki 1: selections from Suzuki Violin book 1.

Misc: miscellaneous other pieces.

Favorites: my favorites and/or particularly fun pieces.

Technical details

Artifastring: a computer simulation of a violin.

Training: teaching a computer to recognize bad sounds.


SMC2011: materials (audio and pdf) for the Sound and Music Conference 2011.

MM2013: materials (audio and pdf) for the ACM Multimedia 2013 conference.

PhD: PhD dissertation from the University of Glasgow, 2013.