Academic background

I have three degrees:

I am currently working on a PhD in Electrical Engineering & Electronics at the University of Glasgow, UK, expecting to finish in 2012.

Musical experience

I began playing cello when I was four years old; I joined my first orchestra when I was nine. I began composing in Aug 2001, started playing viola in 2002, and started playing violin in 2004.

Open-source software work

GNU LilyPond, a sheet music engraver:

  • Documentation Editor, 2003 – present, including one year of running the LilyPond Grand Documentation project involving over 20 people to train my replacements. Just after GDP finished, I stopped doing documentation for four months (just after I finished my Master’s), but I returned to this job in 2009.
  • Project Manager, 2009 – present. I build the binary releases, train new volunteers, and organize anything that’s needed.
  • Bug Meister, 2006 – 2007.

Marsyas, a framework for audo processing and feature extraction:

  • Documentation, 2006 – 2008.
  • Misc bugfixes and some new features, 2010 – present.

Strasheela, a constraint-based music composition system:

  • Documentation, 2008.

Rosegarden, a music composition and editing environment:

  • Porting an old 19-tone equal temperament pitch tracker to the current version, as part of my research group’s activities.


Email: graham@percival-music.ca

This address is forwarded to a gmail account, since gmail does an excellent job of spam filtering and this is sadly required for any publically-viewable email address these days.

Of course, gmail reads all my email. If you have anything private to say, I can tell you a non-public email address of mine (without spam filtering), or better yet, you could encrypt it with gpg.

My current public key is pubkey.txt. This is the newer key out of the two keys available on the public keyservers. Please note that I forgot the passphrase of my old key; you can see the details on my blog post me idiot.


I don’t have a photos linked from this page because I generally dislike seeing photos of people I meet on the ’net. However, if you don’t share this rare quirk of mine, here is a picture of Graham Percival.

I also have more photos on google picasa.