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Videos finally online

Nobody[1] really understands what I'm doing[2] when I talk about turning ipods into musical instruments, so here's two videos of us playing Twinkle. Yeah, I'm being true to my Suzuki roots.

[1] Nobody other than people in the MISTIC lab at UVic.
[2] Mao, I sound like a teenager.

We actually made the video so that we could give school administrators and parents an idea of what we want to do with their kids, but I figured that I'd jump on this opportunity. Oh, I made a joke yesterday about wearing good clothes for the video, but I completely forgot about it myself this morning. Not that my "Vancouver" t-shirt is horrible (... other than this being the t-shirt that's leaking blue dye over all my shirts when I was them. I should have used non-color-safe washing powder back at home, to get it all out before I came here. Or maybe I should just stop washing all my clothes in the same load... it doesn't look too bad on previously-white t-shirts, but my now-light-blue socks might seem a bit weird).

Also, the mix of instruments is terrible. You kind-of need to use your imagination for the melody, and one of the drum noises is way too loud.

Still, we've got more important things to work on at the moment, so this is what you get.
Twinkle version 1 Twinkle version 2