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The rhythm game looks like it'll work in flash. It's tentatively called MEWER, although I haven't figured out what this will be an acronym for.

Right now I'd like to check that it works on a wide range of computers. I, of course, don't have a wide range of computers myself, so I therefore turn to the internets for help. If you wouldn't mind spending two minutes, please test the rhythm test.

Just go there, enable microphone and clap, or disable microphone and hit the space bar. It only has 2 exercises at the moment, and it doesn't even check that you passed the first exercise before giving you the second, but that's plenty for me to know whether it's worth programming the rest of it.

Score: I'm a cellist, so I consistently get above 95%. If you're a singer, you're probably lucky to get above 50%. :P Other instruments will fall somewhere in between those. (singers: go ahead and try to prove me wrong by posting your scores on my blog. It will be good practice for when I put the real exercises on MEWER. These two exercises are from levels 1 and 3 out of 10.)

Update: MEWER for flash 7.