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The fifth public test of MEWER is online. It introduces the Javascript version: this doesn't include any microphone support, but it will let people who have problems with flash play. It also includes various other improvements, such as random metronome speeds and aligning to the first clap (if desired). Try it here: MEWER 0.5.

Next up:

  • Fix any bugs reported in this version.
  • Calibrate the grading.
  • Let users choose which level to do next. Maybe with a full graphical tree view. Or maybe just as a "warp to level X" thing.
  • Release source code and add it to Google Code. This will also let me add Issues (ie bugs or feature requests) to a tracker, as opposed to looking through my old blog posts to see what I was supposed to be doing next. :)
  • Figure out what the name stands for.