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Resolutions for Singapore visit

T minus 36 hours or so.

Suitcases are packed, other than this laptop + power cord + hair brush. Printed out invitations letters, copied map to apartment, etc. Finally finished moving all files over to my new laptop.

One friend had a really great idea: wear a shirt for customs. I'm taking this a step further and wearing my best clothes (well, best apart from full orchestra dress). Shirt, dress pants, braid, make-up... ok, not the last one. I won't be as comfortable when traveling, but anything that makes government officials easier to deal with is worth it.

I'm also making a few resolutions. New Year's resolutions are a big thing in North America, but I've never bothered with them. And I'm still not -- these are strictly aimed at Singapore, not life in general.

  • Work from 9 to 5, unless it's obvious that the research group behaves otherwise. Yes, it's totally unnatural to wake up at the same time every day, but I'm going to try to do it for the five months.
  • Do one touristy thing every week (probably on Sunday). I've glanced at a few tourist guides, and the only thing that remotely caught my eye was the crocodilarium (a zoo, just for crocodiles, with over a thousand beasts). But I'll force myself to stop working and go visit something. And with my superior cheapness, I'll do my best to enjoy whatever I pay money to see.
  • Impose a strict "1 week and you're out" email policy. I have the evening for catching up on emails, so this shouldn't be difficult, but I'll find some time (maybe Sunday evening?) to do my final replies and then delete whatever's left.
  • Never refuse to try any vegetarian non-alcoholic dish. I don't have my PhD so I still won't touch alcohol, and I'm extremely cautious about stuff that came from animals (seafood included). Fortunately, Singapore seems to really push multiculturalism and there's a good fraction of Buddhists, so I can probably ask for vegetarian food without offending anybody.