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Holy Mao, it's a lizard!

I just got back from the bathroom (no, don't worry, I'm not turning this into twitter), where I had a huge shock (ok, that sounds even worse). As I lifted up the hand-towel to dry my hands, a lizard shot up the wall from behind the towel!

It was about 5cm long (including tail), and pale brown. And it was fast. It moved about 30cm before I let out my gasp and jumped backwards. Ok, granted I was too startled to react instantly... but it was fast. I think I could beat it if we were running 10 meters or more, but its acceleration was amazing. And it was quite at home running sideways along a wall.

This is the first time (that I recall) that I've seen a lizard in real life. And I'm on the 8th floor! I wouldn't freak out if I saw one in the jungle, in the park bathroom (they're quite open, I guess to allow breezes through), or at NUS (where there's jungle mixed with corridors. But I didn't expect to see one after midnight in my apartment! Moths, sure, but not a lizard!