Deadline over, tourist time

The big deadline is over. There's a few smaller projects to work on, but these can be done at a much more relaxed pace. So now it's time to start doing my promised tourist stuff!

Last Sunday, I did the thing that tops every list of tourist activities for this country: I went shopping. Well, window shopping. I didn't expect to buy anything, and I didn't. Other than food; I got a block of Australian mild cheddar. This was the first real cheese I've had in months... sure, melted Kraft plastic cheese slices don't taste horrible... but I like cheese that, when I bite it, it knows that it was bitten.

No, I don't know what that means either. It just sounded cool to me.

Anyways, I spent a girly two hours window-shopping. Mostly looking at laptops; I was thinking about getting a better laptop. But I couldn't find any Asus eee laptops around! Plenty of other small laptops, but not the brand that started the whole craze. I did discover that prices here were't as bad as I thought. Actually, once I factor in the taxes (which in Canada aren't part of the sticker price, whereas here they are), I guess laptop prices are just about the same.

It might be for the best that I couldn't find a laptop, though. I can probably get a better machine in a few months, and I didn't particularly want to go through customs and airport security with two laptops.

I also discovered that the Jurong Bird Park is in Jurong! Yeah, it sounds obvious in retrospect, but it was news to me. That means it's close to my apartment, so I'll go there next.

Some minor points about daily life here:

Only 35 days until I return to Vancouver!

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