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Botanical Gardens, Zoological Gardens, and KITTIES

More touristing stuff: the whole research group went to the Botanical Gardens, which is right next to one of the university's satellite campuses, and later I went to the zoo. Oh, and I've changed the settings on the picture website, which now includes photos of KITTIES.

The botanical garden trip began with dinner at the other campus. This becomes important later, because this campus canteen was quite inferior to the Arts canteen in the main campus (where we normally eat). It's not just me, either: everybody at my table was complaining about the food.

After that, we walked around in the botanical gardens for a while. I hadn't brought a camera, but one of the group members did.

The following weekend (on the 9th), I went to the zoo. That was way better than the bird park. I also ended up keeping 101 photos. The zoo contained waterfalls (I like waterfalls) and KITTIES!!~!

I had more to write, but it's been almost a week since then, and I'm exhausted. Today I gave a 90-minute talk about user interface design, followed by a football (soccer) game in the rain. And I didn't eat at lunch because I thought I'd be eating an early dinner (after the talk, before the game).

I ended up eating dinner at 8pm, and as a special treat, I went to pizza hut. This was only the third time I've been there in Singapore, since it's kind-of out of the way. And more expensive than other food places.

Oh, that is one amusing tidbit about the zoo: on the way there, I was telling myself that I really needed to take care when being outside in the sun for this long. I would drink lots of water (even when not thirsty), eat ice cream or whatever I felt like eating, etc. Regardless of the cost; I've saved plenty of money from my first few months here.

Sadly, when I really wanted ice cream, there was no washroom around to clean my hands. On the way out, I considered stopping for pizza, but the pizzarea was selling slices for over S$ 7 each! I mean, things I'd normally pay $1.50 for in Canada. I shuddered and walked by. Then, in the shopping mall where I transferred from bus to MRT, the pizza hut was full! So I ended up going all the way home and getting a S$2 chicken burger at the local food court.

Yeah, I fail at spending money. I need more practice or something.

I'll probably go to the Science Centre this weekend -- I'm quite tired, and apparently this place is within walking distance. Well, a 30-minute walking distance. I may take the MRT there. And more importantly, it's indoors.

Only 13 days until I return to Vancouver!