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Sin Airport is Fantastic!

I've decided that I like airports. Everything is clean and tidy, the staff are so helpful and polite, etc. Granted, you pay over seven dollars for a chocolate mint frappe, but you can't have everything!

Out of all the airports I've visited... yes, all of Vancouver, London Heathrow, Belfast, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Singapore Changi... the Singapore Changi airport is the best. I've heard other people say it, and I really believe it.

I managed to get my boarding pass and dump my large suitcase ten hours before my flight. So I'm now in the post-immigration checkpoint area with my small suitcase, enjoying the free wifi and power. And somewhat struggling to stay awake... I'm scared that if I fall asleep, the kittens will eat me. Err, I mean, I might sleep through my flight time.

But hey, I wouldn't be a computer geek if I couldn't stay up all night, so I'm sure that I can make it onto the plane. And at that point, the more tired I am, the better -- I normally can't sleep on planes, so hopefully I can sleep this time.

While I was wandering around, I noticed a post office. So I sat down to write postcards to Canada and the US... but when I was finished, the post office was closed! Yes, it closed at midnight, and I missed it by two or three minutes. :( I forget when it opens in the morning; I may or may not send postcards before I leave Singapore.

Only six hours until I (start flying) to Vancouver!