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This is awesome!

There's a manga about a Ubuntu Linux, published under a Creative Commons license. Self-described as a "Ubuntu romantic school comedy". It's the perfect triangle of linux, copyleft, and Japanese popular culture!

I've put left-to-right versions (i.e. standard North American cartoon reading style) on my blog, as is permitted under the Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial license.

chapter 1 chapter 2

Credit of those files:

Author: Hiroshi Seo Publisher: ASCII MEDIA WORKS Inc. English translation by: Fumihito Yoshida, Hajime Mizuno, and Hiroshi Seo English translation image editing by: Martin Owens and Arturo Silva

You can find translations into many other languages (Spanish, French, Korean, Italian, Indonesian, Portugese (Brazilian), Thai, Serbian, Russian, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Persian/Farsi, Asturian, and Galician) on the Aerial line Ubunchu page.

I normally wouldn't post such a blog-ish blog post, but this was just too awesome to resist.