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Glaswegians are a bunch of wimps (?)

There was a light dusting of mist yesterday. It wasn't rain -- the ground was wet, and there were puddles, but the precipitation wasn't enough to put up my hood, let alone use an umbrella. But the complaints people made!

"What terrible weather" was the most common. "Terrible start to the new year" (classes started that day). "They never show this in the admissions photos".

Huh? That's the famous Glasgow rain? I know that people joke about it raining a lot, but if that's what passes for rain around here, I'm distinctly unimpressed. I'm from Vancouver, dude. We like it when the rain is that light!

Of all the ways that culture shock can come into play, I think that boasting about your home town's rain is a fairly nice one. :)

(yes, I was probably seeing the famed UK "talking about the weather", rather than actual complaints about the weather. I remain distinctly unimpressed with the "poorness" of the weather so far)