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I'm hot!

I'm hot -- I'm not referring to my physical appearance (although my hair is undeniably fantastic), but rather the temperature. My room finally has heat!

It's a good thing, too. Quite apart from my general health and well-being, I happened to come across the residential accommodation contract while I was cleaning my room last night. That clearly stated that the landlord was responsible for providing heat.

This evening has been great; I could actually work comfortably at home, rather than lounging around in bed because that was warmer. I'm eagerly anticipating the night: I might actually sleep well! If I don't, then I'll look into getting a camping mattress or new sheets or something like that.

In other news, I've been eating raspberries from Herefordshire. I found this name so amusing that I had to post it here. According to a random webpage, Herefordshire is 84 miles (135 km) from Reading. (that's a CBC listener joke)

Last Sat, I went to St. Enoch square, a "mall" in Glasgow. It was quite small... two stories, 30-40 stores. The individual store sizes were on par with Canadian malls, but the number of stores was quite low. Maybe half the size of Brentwood mall? (that's the local mall near my parent's house)

I bought running shoes for £29.99, which was the most that I've ever paid for footwear. I haven't gone running yet, but I'll go soon. On the way to the square, I walked next to the river; there's a very nice paved walkway there. I definitely approve of the pedestrian / cycling paths around here... this was actually part of a "75" trail (or something like that), linking Glasgow, Edinburgh, and various other nearby cities. Maybe next summer, I'll actually bike that! It's about 50 miles.

On the bike front, it appears that the police auctions are held in Dalry, Ayrshire, which is about 30 miles to the south-east. :( I'll have to look elsewhere for second-hand bikes, or just splurge and get a new one.