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Tempo Game

As you know, I've been working on educational games to help music students practice rhythms and intonation. Well, I'm finally ready to begin tests of aspects of these programs; the first test is to detect the tempo of a student-performed rhythm.

I've written an online flash game for rhythms. The game presents you with a rhythm and metronome, and you're supposed to tap the rhythm on your keyboard.

Of course, since this game is supposed to be useful for students, you could try tapping the wrong rhythm – ignore the metronome, add an extra note, hold a few notes for twice as long as you should... make whatever mistakes you think a student might make! Or, if you're not a professional musician, you could just try to perform the rhythms correctly, and let the mistakes happen naturally. :)

Information about your gameplay will be automatically sent to me and used to improve the tempo detection. No names or personal information is recorded; I have no idea who is playing the game. Details of the information gathered is available on the website.