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Great Graham Giveaway

Great deals! 50% off! I'm leaving for Glasgow in 13.5 hours, so (almost) everything must go!

Before going, I tried to sort out my affairs -- decide what to take, clean up anything I want to keep but not take, and get rid of the rest. It's worked out to almost exactly 50% of my worldly possessions!

I gave away 2 of my 4 laptops. One to a very worthy cause (an open-source developer in the US with an astonishingly underpowered computer), and the other to my brother to test FreeBSD stuff.

Clothes received the same treatment... taking 12 t-shirts, giving 13 away. Taking 3 sweaters, giving 4 away. I now have a garbage bag completely full of clothes.

I have no idea how I ended up with 25 t-shirts, BTW. Or rather, I do: everybody kept on giving my t-shirts, and (before now) I only got rid of clothes when there were holes the size of pennies in them. What if there's smaller holes? Hey, that just means that the cloth has adapted itself to my body, so they're more comfortable to wear!

Anyway, my check-in bags are packed, and in the morning I only need to slip my laptop inside my handbag. I'm all set!