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Arrived at GLA

I've arrived safely at Glasgow.

Check-in and security were uneventful. Flight included LCD displays, but no power sockets for laptops. I watched a lot of TV shows. No problems at the border, picking up luggage, or the taxi ride here.

I just discovered that my power converter only works for 2 sockets. My laptop plug has 3 sockets. What a monumental mistake! I could have easily spotted this at home, but I didn't bother to check, since my previous netbook had a 2-prong power socket.

I also discovered that I forgot to bring a keyring. Oh well; those aren't hard to find.

I'm keeping this message brief because I don't want to run out of power. I'm sure that it won't be hard to find an electronics shop that has a converter, but this isn't the kind of thing I wanted to be doing as soon as I arrived. :(

PS: email isn't working, so if somebody sees this message and knows people that desperately want to know that I've arrived safely, please send an email on my behalf.