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Glasgow Pictures

I finally have photos of my room, the walk to the university, and my lab. However, I've discovered the difference in optics between a so-so digital camera from 5 years ago, and a bottom-of-the-line cell phone camera today.

Namely, the real camera is better. Way better. Way, way, way better. :(

Oh well. It's not like anybody really needs good-quality photos of my bed. And if you do, then we need to talk. If you're a cute unattached girl. Between 22 to 46 years old, according to the standard creepiness rule. (I especially love that comic's punchline)

On a more serious note, I may well borrow somebody's digital camera to take nice photos of the university. My supervisor is really into photography, so he could well have a good-quality old camera... on the other hand, I'm not certain if he has any digital cameras. He likes film. Yes, he's that much into photography.

Anyway, the photos are on my new google account:

(no, I don't know why google thinks that some of my Singapore photos were taken in China)