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Vivi Introduction

I have a daughter now! Ok, by "daughter", I mean "a computer program which plays violin at approximately the level of a student with one year of experience". But hey, that's the closest that I'm likely to get to having children of my own!

You can read about "Vivi, the virtual violinist" on my revised website:

I should have said everything that needs to be said on the website, so I won't blather on about her right now.

Oh, the name? Well, "Virtual Violinist" is pretty obvious. But also because I created her with the vi text editor. And she plays music created by Lilypond. All in all, I thought that Vivi was a great name for her! BTW, for any non-English speakers -- "Vivi" rhymes with "Lily".

My apologies for not uploading the Artifastring 1.2 announcement until just now -- it was waiting in my "beta" queue, but I forgot to run the final "upload" command.

Also apologies for my sheet music not being accessible on the new website yet. I'm in such a rush to show off Vivi that I left a few "rough edges" on the new website. I'll fix them over the next week. :)